Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I was just thinking about you. Artwork and events from Dec 2014 to October 2015.

The West Coast Dragon Logo is printed.  Sensei Osai took my drawing for the dragon and completed his vision for his Tang Soo Do School Logo.

"I was just thinking about you" Joshua Hoaglund Oil on wood 2014

This painting derives from sketch books in 2014. I have been working on some thought balloon type sketches in my books. I have posted some of these sketches in earlier posts. I wanted to work in some painted medium and this is the first painting combining sketches with wood, primer, enamel paint, and shellac. There is a plan for a series of these paintings in the works. The second one is on the way currently. I am going to try to keep it closer to the original and draw more directly on the wood before I start. So I will have no ink cartoon. The challenge is to keep the lines fresh. My daughter said she likes the ink sketch better. I took a break from this theme to work on the retrograde 2015 painting. (see that post which is coming soon)

Sedona Travel pics 2015.
Sitting on rocks feeling the vortex energy in Sedona AZ 2015

 Montezuma's castle national monument.

Upon return to Carlsbad CA, Mayari and I immediately did a Pee Wee's Playhouse Marathon on Netflix.

I made a surfing hand-plane, and tested it...it works.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

April through December 2014 Inkings

Recap after the end of 2014. Looking back at some inked work I made from April -Dec 2014
I have been working on a graphic for my daughter's Tang Soo Do school. The West Coast Dragons.This is a finalized version, which has the two halves of the dragon's head mirrored using tracing paper.

The little dragon prototype herself.

First version Pencils 

Which lead to this inked version

Dragon warm-up sketches done directly with a brush.

These heads are buggers in my head. I keep drawing them then ink them out. I have taken the "I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT YOU" one and transferred it to a painting on wood.

The Webcomic/Graphic Novel for The Adventures of Jack Maggot is still in progress. I have been making edits the the story, by adding pages in sections that I felt needed more emphasis. I wanted to slow down the introduction to Jack's first meeting with Underground, the garbage pile who holds Zombie Matt's intestine for ransom. Also I am working on character designs for a dominant female character in the story. I imagine her as a mix of a Bene Geserit reverened mother,with Medusa, and a Punk Feminist. Pretty much an eye opener of a character for Jack's adolescent skater dude bullshit. 

My desk area, pretty much a pit right at this point.

Below are some concept sketches Looking to flesh out a female lead role in The Adventures of Jack Maggot.

Mother Goddess Coatliuce

Some raw heads 

These are concept illustrations for various ideas

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

January-March 2014 Inked Drawings, Sculpture.

Here is some inked work and sculpture I have done from January 2014 to March 2014.
I posted the works here in the order of completion
March 2014
Here is the source material for the little guy on the left. He is a Star Wars Kenner Luke Skywalker X Wing Pilot with a creepy finger puppet on his head. He lives in my bathroom with his bear bride.

I recently flew into Massachusetts, for my Nana T's memorial. The napkins on my Alaska Airlines flight had some cool Northwest Native American art.

A daily angel confirmation "Yes I Love You"

This one got good feedback in most places, I decided to make it a write your own caption. Write your captions in the comment section.

 I sculpted a plasticine head for drawing reference of Jack Maggot. I have some more web comic inked pages ready to scan now.Get ready for web comic updates soon.

I show the progression of the Jack Maggot head here. This bottom image being the earlier state. I'm still working on this one, but I have already used it for reference when working on my web comic.
I started this sculpture in the beginning of February 2014.

This head is from the end of January. I was tired from the Viking vs Space Invader drawing so I wanted to get back to the familiar multi eye heads I have been drawing. I may sculpt one of these multi-eye heads at some point.

Viking vs Space Invader 95% Complete
I am still planning on using some half tones in the checkerboard behind the space invaders.
The inscription on the blade says "Endless War"

This stage of the drawing has some of the Viking, his shield, some knot-work, background all inked in.

I had to lay out the pencil line-work for the left side Viking at this stage. On this drawing I started using a Prismacolor Ebony Pencil from my stained glass days. This pencil can leave very dark graphite marks when you build it up on the paper. This made it easier to see how the penciled areas would end up looking when filled in with ink.

I needed to redraw the Viking on the left. He was drawn on trace paper to visualize him better. My pencil lines were unclear and I was getting lost in the messy pencil image on the bristol board. I marked out the knot work behind him so I could begin to figure out how that would work. Then I flipped the knot work vertically to mirror the section on the bottom behind the Viking on the left. I used Saral Graphite paper to transfer the drawings from the tracing paper onto the bristol board.

Approximately half way across the drawing. Here is a detail of the Viking splitting a Space Invader's head.

A lot of ink fill in work at this early stage. Getting to the fill in is harder than I would have thought. The details needed to be clearly inked beforehand.

Stage one inking, I chose to move right to left so not to smudge the pencils.

The drawing is all roughed in at this point. The thumbnail is on the bottom left of the page. On the bottom right are some brush pen samples to test the grey brush pens.
The thumbnail has the viking with an axe.